TelosTouch Control Panel: Understand and Guide Client Behavior at Scale

Paulson Ong

With the TelosTouch Control Panel, now advisors can understand and guide their client behavior at scale. We built one interface to slice and dice practice data and act on it with a click. The Control Panel is designed to leverage advisor and client data in order to easily multiply actions for clients with similar needs.

Why we built it

Advisors can’t see and act on their practice data with ease due to three main reasons:

  • Their data is fragmented
  • Too many steps are needed to achieve a desired outcome
  • The advisor experience is not intuitive


What can you do with it?

1. Find clients that didn’t complete an important task and nudge them with one click

  • TFSA/RRSP contribution
  • Completion of a will
  • Corporate year end filings
Systelos Control Panel: Understand and Guide Client Behavior at Scale - Nudge


2. Prepare practice mass actions, such as marketing campaigns and templated emails

  • RRSP campaigns
  • Tax season reminders
  • Portfolio model communication
Systelos Control Panel: Understand and Guide Client Behavior at Scale - mass-action


3. Filter, group and create custom reports to get additional insights on your practice

  • Create and save default groups, such as upcoming birthdays by month
  • Export data into Excel or CSV files for further analysis
  • Generate and assign mass actions, such as Tasks or Notes




Benefits for clients

TelosTouch is the first Guided CollaborationTM platform that creates wealth beyond investment returns. We give advisors contextual visibility on their clients to guide financial behavior at scale.

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