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Augment relationships by revealing changing needs in real-time.

TelosTouch is the missing link between institutions, advisors and clients to stay in the know and easily act when it matters.

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Augment relationships by revealing changing needs in real-time.
Feature 01


Send personalized communications at scale to manage financial and life events with ease. Reveal client needs, context and behavior through an interactive and real-time experience.

TouchPoints Desktop & Mobile Dashboard
TelosTouch Timeline Mobile App
Feature 02


Measure and communicate the value of advice that is not shown on investment statements. Answer client requests and incentivize next actions with a unified visual display.

Feature 03

Actionable Dashboards

Create new data that institutions don’t have but need to better serve their clients. Segment clients with similar needs and multiply advice to increase workforce capacity.

Actionable Desktop Dashboard
What are Augmented Relationships™?
It's when real-time engagement converts into easily actionable insights.
At Scale


A new engagement model that leads to the right action at the right time.


Rollout event or product driven campaigns

Communicate beyond traditional statements

Develop need-based products and material


Intervene on life and financial events with ease

Obtain insights to deliver personalized advice

Do heavy lifting once then multiply best practices


Simplify decisions and follow through on plans

See the impact of services and advice

Interact in real-time when needed

How we helped with the COVID-19 crisis
Use Case

How we helped with the COVID-19 crisis

Problem: Clients are panicking because they can’t see what their advisor is doing. Advisors don’t know what to do next because they don’t know who needs an intervention.

TelosTouch: Advisors can make their efforts more transparent, customize their communication, learn about clients preferences and stress levels.

Results: TelosTouch identifies anxiety levels, financial interest and clients’ need for more engagement.

Use Case

How we helped prepare virtual meetings

Problem: Clients spend an hour with their advisors and end up going through the same repetitive steps (market update, investment, financial plan). Advisors repetitively do the same thing and lose interest.

TelosTouch: Clients can customize their experience while focusing advisors and meetings on what matters most to them.

Results: TelosTouch personalizes advice, client education and business opportunities (asset consolidation, insurance etc.)

How we helped prepare virtual meetings
How we helped plan tax season remotely
Use Case

How we helped plan tax season remotely

Problem: Advisors and their assistants spend several weeks on the phone and sending emails to get the tax contribution and compliance needs of their clients. Clients have no easy way to communicate their intentions

TelosTouch: Advisor can get this information in a few days and clients can do this in the comfort of their home in less than 2 min. This easy process incentivizes next action.

Results: TelosTouch allows follow through on plans, asset discovery at other institutions and external expert mapping (accountants etc.)

Technology Comparison

Our innovation is focused on the following attributes to augment your existing technologies.

Marketing Automation
Financial Planning

Discovering behavior and context


Executing comprehensive plans


Tracking the added value of advice


Incentivizing next actions

Client Requests

Connecting client and advisor experience


Real time interactions

Actionable dashboards

One to many client compaigns


Actionable analytics

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