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Augment relationships by revealing changing needs in real-time.
Product Feature 01


Personalized digital experiences that capture data to better understand and serve clients at scale.

TouchPoints Desktop & Mobile Dashboard
TelosTouch Timeline Mobile App
Product Feature 02


Showcase of relationship history with service requests and Next Action planning.

Product Feature 03

Actionable Dashboard

360 dynamic view to segment clients with similar needs and multiply best practices.

Actionable Desktop Dashboard


With TelosTouch, institutions personalize services that drive productivity, loyalty, and opportunities.

Client Experience

Increase client engagement

Uncover real-time context

Demonstrate added value

Advisor Experience

Segment client needs

Multiply best practices

Personalize intervetion

Business Impact

Monetize tech investments

Integrate lines of businesses

Become trusted partner

Case Studies

“TelosTouch is flexible and developed from the advisors’ and clients’ perspective to serve advisors and clients. TelosTouch is the missing link between the CRM and the client portal. The functionalities and experiences created by TelosTouch are clearly a turnkey accelerator for financial institutions that are pivoting towards personalized advice supported by digital tools.”

— President and CEO of the investment arm of a leading Canadian Bank
Use Case

Transform CRM into growth engine

Problem: CRM spend doesn’t guarantee adoption, business value or increased client engagement

Solution: Deliver interactive experiences to capture client data and display effort without manual entry

Results: 4X engagement, 2X CRM adoption

Impact: Increased share of wallet, client retention and client referrals

Transform CRM into growth engine
Deliver more services at scale
Use Case

Deliver more services at scale

Problem: Contextual and real-time client insights are missing due to inefficiencies in servicing and communication

Solution: Move from individual interventions to personalized group interactions that better understand clients

Results: 8X client data, 10X team reach

Impact: Timely intervention, team productivity and deeper relationships

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4X engagement
8X client data
10X teams’ reach
2X CRM adoption
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